Saturday, August 23, 2008

Backyard Camp Out

One of the boys favorite things to do is to go camping. Lay in the dirt, play in the dirt, have food on a stick covered in dirt falls in the category of complete bliss for them. They love it! But...when you don't have time to pack up the suburban, drive to the canyon, hunt for the perfect pitch your tent spot, unload, get settled and then drive back home, we've found a great alternative! The Backyard Camp out! It is fabulous, the boys love it, I love it and everyone is happy. The bathroom is just right there, the kitchen sink is just right there, the shower is just right there. Forget something, that's ok, it's just right there. There is no packing, no canyon pull over car sickness, no "are we there yet" comments and not quite as much dirt. Works for me!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Summer Fun

This summer has been a little different, we haven't had any big vacations because we opened the gym and Kenny lives there! We have been able to do a lot of activities around here, playgrounds, hiking, canyon cookouts, and BBQ's have all kept us busy.

It sure seems like summer came and went so fast, the kids start school in less than 2 weeks. That's my next project- getting the kids ready. It is quite a job, between school clothes shopping, finding just the right backpack, filling out all the paperwork, paying school fees (what happened to free education), figuring out the car pool and making sure they all have a fresh new school haircut.... I just might lose my mind! Now multiply that by five kids- enough said! So if you see me at Target with a glazed look on my face towing five children, one screaming, down the shoe aisle tugging two carts full of school supplies, one being the giant red limo cart because heaven forbid Kolby sit in anything else, I will totally understand if you decide to detour down another aisle and I apologize in advance for the commotion!

Our other family members

Kilo and Kora are our two beloved rottweilers. They are such great dogs, we love them and are so glad they are part of the family.