Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Sticky Icky Halloween Fun, Carmel Apples Anyone?

We decided to have a Halloween fun day with my sisters(minus Jamie, we missed you)and all the little cousins. We had been craving Carmel apples and wanted to try making them. The first thing we didn't realize is that 15 pounds of individually wrapped Carmel's takes a really long time to unwrap! The second thing we didn't realize is that if you eat every fifth Carmel you unwrap not only does it add minutes to the unwrapping process, it also gives you a big tummy ache a few hours later. Third, Carmel will stick to any object in its path. Fourth, 15 pounds of Carmel makes a lot of apples! Fifth, children- many children, lots of sugar, sticky Carmel, little helpers, Halloween nail painting, and dancing our hearts out to groovy music makes for a really great Halloween Fun Day!

It's Time to SPOOKY the Place Up

I absolutely love decorating for Halloween. It is Kenny's favorite holiday so he also likes it when I turn the house haunted for a month. The kids enjoy it too! Some of their favorites are the eyeball jar and our pet rat Gargamel.(fake of course) Last year we had Kolby convinced the eyeballs were real and he would keep asking "How'd you get them out of their heads?" This year he is much older and wiser and is not falling for it. "They are totally just gum Mom, Right?"
My sister and I decided we must have a 'Spooky' banner and some poison potion bottles. With a little help from Martha Stewart and some creative juices of our own, we made the cutest bottles ever! Our bannner turned out pretty cute too I might say! I just wish I had a good camera, these pictures don't do them justice. Thanks for the fun day of creativeness Katie, it was a blast! Move over Martha here we come, Ha ha ha...... Next project is figuring out how to construct werewolf costumes for a 4 year old and a seven year old??? Wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elk and Buffalo and Bears, Oh my!

We decided to pack the kids up and head out on a family vacation to Yellowstone. The drive wasn't too bad thanks to the DVD player and the new Transformers movie. The weather was wonderful and we all enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. We went to the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone. The kids got to do the Keeper Kids program there. They went out into the bear habitat and hid food for the bears to find and eat. The boys thought it was pretty cool plus they got a special Keeper Kids button, definitely a highlight for the day. We were able to visit Old Faithful and the geysers and saw plenty of buffalo and elk in the park. We walked up to Upper and Lower Falls, which was absolutely amazing, and we even saw two wolves crossing the road. The kids had fun swimming at the condo and it was nice to have a little get away. Until next time.....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why did the elk cross the road?

???? Well, look at what was on the other side. His odds were pretty good. Hello Ladies!

Remember Paint with Water?

When I was little I remember loving those paint with water books. Awhile back I found some at the dollar store - What a find! Last weekend it was a torrential downpour so I decided to bring them out and have some indoor fun. We made some halloween cupcakes and the boys painted their little hearts out. As a mom I've renewed my love for paint with water, much less messy! We will have to make a trip back to the dollar store in search of more childhood treasures.

Long Time No Blog

I need to play a little catch up, I truly have no idea how people keep these things updated. I've vowed to be better!

The soccer season is now over. The boys had a great time. Bear decided his favorite position was right shooter, and he got really good at scoring goals! He even perfected some tricky moves that I'm sure would impress David Beckham. It was Kolby's first year, (he barely made the deadline by a couple days) but he was a serious goal scoring fool! He definitely wasn't intimidated by the older, bigger kids! Although it was extremely fun it was time to be done! Kolby's last game was during a blizzard, the poor kids were frozen solid. Great season boys, you made us proud! Go Lizards, Go Dragons!!