Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Gingerbread Construction Crew

Now there's a high quality home!

Christmas Choir Concert

Gentri is in beginning choir this year at school. She really enjoys singing and shares it with all who will listen! They really put on a great Christmas concert and it was a fun way to start the season!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Calling All Elves

The Christmas tree is finally up, the decorations are in place. The scent of goodies fills the air and Christmas music plays. I'd sit by the fire and enjoy the lights if only.........
I had my Christmas shopping done, or even started!!!!!
Oh Santa could you spare a couple elves and send them my way??

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday to a handsome husband, fabulous father, fantastic friend, confident coach, humble hero, and an all around extraordinary guy!!! We love you! By the way gray is very distinguished!

Blog Slacker, Very Behind Must Catch Up

The kids were in charge of making the place cards and nut cups for Thanksgiving this year. The boys practiced their writing skills and decorated the name cards with darling turkeys. The girls helped steam ice cream cones and constructed them into cornucopias to be filled with goodies. We had Mom and Dad, and Jamie and Levi over to our house to eat on Thanksgiving. In all the hoopla I forgot to take pictures of the finished tables or food or people, oops! We had a great feast with fabulous food and good company. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and so many things to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

And the Winner Is......

Harlee Wendel!
Harlee decided she wanted to enter the school Reflections contest. She asked Grandpa Kelly and Grandma Debbie to take her to shoot pictures of birds and wildlife. They woke up early and went up to Antelope Island. She had a great time and took some awesome shots. She definitely has some of her grandpa's genes because she truly enjoyed every moment and now wants a camera.
Grandpa helped her put the pictures together in a collage and it turned out quite fabulous - the judges thought so too! Great job Harlee, and thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coming Soon.........

Soon to be in Lehi........

Vintage Bliss!
Tis the season for change, and in December I will be making a big one. Keep posted for updates and info about my new business adventure - a nail spa and gift gallery!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Harlee!

In honor of the big Eleven, here are eleven fantastic things about Harlee.

1. Harlee loves to talk! She could talk for hours about pretty much anything.

2. Harlee loves to ask questions! This could also go on forever, so Kenny decided on a new policy of giving her a daily limit - she always meets her quota!

3. Harlee is extremely helpful. She is always willing to help anyone with anything they need.

4. Harlee is creative and artistic. She loves to draw, color, scrapbook, do crafts, and create.

5. Harlee is an excellent student. She always does her best work and gets good grades.

6.Harlee's favorite colors are pink and green.

7. Harlee really enjoys ranch dressing, I think her favorite food is probably ranch with a side of crispy chicken strips.

8. Harlee loves to read, especially fairy books.

9. Harlee loves nature and the great outdoors, she has recently decided she likes photography.

10. Harlee loves shopping, I am teaching her the art of deal and bargain finding.

11. Harlee is a fantastic daughter, sister and friend!

Still Cleaning up Glitter and Tufts of Fur

Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays, but this year it seemed like Halloween went on forever. Between trunk or treat, Hee Haws preschool field trips, never ending costume making, school costume parades, pumpkin picking and trick or treating, I was somewhat glad to have the actual day finally end.
I think the boys were happy with their werewolf costumes, at least they loved wearing them. Whenever they put them on they went right into werewolf mode, growling and howling. Harlee and Gentri were happy with their butterfly fairy costumes, and I am happy to be done constructing them all! I am sure I will be finding little bits of glitter and fur all over the house clear until next Halloween. Yesterday I even discovered Kenny had a bit of a glittery glow to him, luckily I caught it just in time before he went to the gym. I'm sure the guys would have never let him live it down!

Young Entrepeneurs

Gentri and Harlee's Grandpa grows pumpkins for them to sell each year. It is quite the little business, they spend a few weekends at the roadside stand and earn some spending money. We took the boys over to pick a pumpkin and support their sisters. We ended up with 3 really cute little pumpkins and one tiny green one.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Sticky Icky Halloween Fun, Carmel Apples Anyone?

We decided to have a Halloween fun day with my sisters(minus Jamie, we missed you)and all the little cousins. We had been craving Carmel apples and wanted to try making them. The first thing we didn't realize is that 15 pounds of individually wrapped Carmel's takes a really long time to unwrap! The second thing we didn't realize is that if you eat every fifth Carmel you unwrap not only does it add minutes to the unwrapping process, it also gives you a big tummy ache a few hours later. Third, Carmel will stick to any object in its path. Fourth, 15 pounds of Carmel makes a lot of apples! Fifth, children- many children, lots of sugar, sticky Carmel, little helpers, Halloween nail painting, and dancing our hearts out to groovy music makes for a really great Halloween Fun Day!