Sunday, September 7, 2008

Always Better When We're Together

The other night Bear and Kenny were having a conversation, it went like this.

Bear: Dad we don't get to hang out together anymore cause you always have to go to the gym.

Guilty Feeling Dad: I'm sorry man, but dads gotta work hard right now so I can spend a lot of time with you later.

Bear: Ok, but I sure miss you.

Guilty Feeling Dad: I miss you too man, maybe we can do something fun this weekend.

Saturday afternoon Guilty Feeling Dad decides a trip to Boondocks might be necessary.
Boondocks + Dad + hole in one = One Happy Bear

And They're Off......

......Off to school that is. The kids were all excited to go back to school. Bear was overjoyed to finally be able to go with Aidan and Harlee was quite happy when she found out her new teacher was a man. "My first boy teacher!" was her exact exclamation. Kolby started preschool this year. He was so glad to be 'big enough' to go to school like Bear. Gentri headed off to the new world of Junior High and Kenisha is trying out charter High School at the newly built Charter school. Have a great year kids!