Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Time Fun

My sister has a yearly pass to Thanksgiving Point and took us to check out the Dinosaur Museum. The boys had a ball digging for dinosaur bones and building Jurassic park replicas. It was crazy busy, I think every mom of the world was there trying to get a few "last of summer" outings in. There were a lot of kids all trying to build mini dinosaur metropolises, thus there was a shortage of building materials. The older kids were using their superior building skills to dam up all the water, so Kolby took to hording the dinosaurs to make sure he got his share. Should I have made him share them??? Maybe- but the water hording children's mothers weren't making them share!......... Well, actually I did ask him to share a couple of dinosaurs with the two nice boys next to him, which he did happily, I thought that was good enough??

All in all we had a great time and we will definitley go back again when it is not so busy! Thanks Aunt Katie for including us in the fun!


J said...

Fun Times- I am glad you guys had fun! I snagged the pic of Aidan and Kenny boxing. Aidan thought it was so cool and it needed to be on our blog also.:)