Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Harlee!

In honor of the big Eleven, here are eleven fantastic things about Harlee.

1. Harlee loves to talk! She could talk for hours about pretty much anything.

2. Harlee loves to ask questions! This could also go on forever, so Kenny decided on a new policy of giving her a daily limit - she always meets her quota!

3. Harlee is extremely helpful. She is always willing to help anyone with anything they need.

4. Harlee is creative and artistic. She loves to draw, color, scrapbook, do crafts, and create.

5. Harlee is an excellent student. She always does her best work and gets good grades.

6.Harlee's favorite colors are pink and green.

7. Harlee really enjoys ranch dressing, I think her favorite food is probably ranch with a side of crispy chicken strips.

8. Harlee loves to read, especially fairy books.

9. Harlee loves nature and the great outdoors, she has recently decided she likes photography.

10. Harlee loves shopping, I am teaching her the art of deal and bargain finding.

11. Harlee is a fantastic daughter, sister and friend!


Misty said...

Such a cute blog - thanks for saying "hi"!

Jessica, Andre, Leo and Marques said...

happy birthday harlee! love ya