Tuesday, March 17, 2009

and He Has Struck Again

Sometime in the wee midnight hours that sneaky little leprechaun invaded our fridge and deposited an assortment of items in his favorite hue. You know, the legend says if you consume green milk, delivered by a leprechaun himself, on the morning of the emerald sun you will be transformed into one of the little red bearded, clover loving, knicker wearing, rainbow lurkers...

I'm starting to see some signs, Should I be worried ???

Maybe the green eggs and ham we will be having for dinner, along with our version of 'Irish Beer' will reverse the adverse side effects?


Jessica said...

Wendy- You are the greatest mom ever! I need to call you before each holiday and see what your plans are so that I can copy you. You are so creative and fun! I sure wish that I lived by you so that we could hang out. I miss you!

Misty said...

Thanks! That just reminds me that I REALLY need to clean my fridge!

Chris and Cami Taylor said...

Kolby looks so funny in that picture. You are such a fun Mom!
Love ya!