Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elk and Buffalo and Bears, Oh my!

We decided to pack the kids up and head out on a family vacation to Yellowstone. The drive wasn't too bad thanks to the DVD player and the new Transformers movie. The weather was wonderful and we all enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. We went to the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone. The kids got to do the Keeper Kids program there. They went out into the bear habitat and hid food for the bears to find and eat. The boys thought it was pretty cool plus they got a special Keeper Kids button, definitely a highlight for the day. We were able to visit Old Faithful and the geysers and saw plenty of buffalo and elk in the park. We walked up to Upper and Lower Falls, which was absolutely amazing, and we even saw two wolves crossing the road. The kids had fun swimming at the condo and it was nice to have a little get away. Until next time.....


Jessica said...

What a fun family vacation! I love Yellowstone! You got some great pictures and I love to see all of the kids! Why are they all grown up and beautiful, handsome, cute etc? You have the cutest family ever! Love ya!